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All about the rare Rose et marius perfume collection

How do you put on your exceptional eau de parfum?

Applying perfume seems simple, but it is advisable to know a few tips and tricks to find the right balance.

Where to apply your designer perfume?

At Rose et Marius we recommend spraying your precious liquid on your pulse points, it is in these places that the body gives off the most heat and therefore the perfume will impregnate much better.

You can find the inside of the wrists, under the lobe and in the crook of the neck, "Perfume loves heat."

Did you know that perfume holds wonderfully on fabrics? So don't forget to spray your clothes too.

How to put on your rare perfume?

To combine the useful with the pleasant, it is advisable to take a shower before putting on perfume: perfume holds better when put on damp skin.

Keep the bottle about ten centimetres away from your skin, and avoid being heavy-handed! Eau de parfum is more concentrated than eau de toilette :)

For those who prefer a more discreet fragrance, you can send a few spritzes into the air in front of you, to form a cloud that you will walk through to delicately impregnate yourself.

What are the raw materials used in our perfumes? 

Here are some of the exceptional raw materials used in the creation of Rose et Marius eaux de parfum: 

Bergamot from Sicily and Calabria, orange from Brazil, vanilla absolute from Madagascar, jasmine absolute from Egypt, patchouli from Indonesia, pink berries from Brazil, sandalwood from India, green mandarin from Sicily, basil from Provence, pepper from India, patchouli from India, incense from Somalia, Oud, precious woods and many others...

All these scents allow you to make an olfactory journey around the world and to intoxicate yourself.

Once upon a time... Rose et Marius is an exceptional perfume house from Provence.

It is originally in her childhood memories that the creator, Magali Fleurquin-Bonnard, takes us to the bastide of her Grandmother, Rose, in Provence.

So many stories, sublimated into subtle and elegant perfumes that invite you to an exceptional journey in Provence.

Each scent allows you to recall your most beautiful moments, whether they are childhood memories, family memories or memories with friends, each moment is to be taken and not let go.

Where to buy our perfumes? 

Available in several formats at all prices. Buy online or in shop

Products can be delivered in Paris, Marseille and all over the world.

At Rose et Marius, we want to make your everyday life more beautiful and make you see life as a Rose...and Marius!

Discover the magic of the olfactory journey we offer you. Go back in time and recall our childhood memories.

A journey between the past and the present allowing us to discover and appreciate the world of today, leaving behind an intoxicating trail. Thanks to the use of the most beautiful materials of the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse.

Each Rose et Marius perfume is created by our talented craftsmen. With love, in Provence. And tells of a unique moment in the Art of Living in Provence.

Contrary to an eau de toilette, the composition of an eau de parfum is more concentrated in perfume, therefore more intense with a more marked trail. If you want to know more about it, read our Blog article which will give you all the keys!

Why buy a niche perfume? 

You want to stand out? not have the same perfume as everyone else?

In other words, to perfume yourself differently because you are unique! Niche perfumes are made for you.

But what is a niche perfume?

Niche perfumes are rare and original perfumes that tell unique stories using exceptional raw materials. 

At Rose et Marius we call on our perfumer nose in Grasse to create all our custom-made fragrances, using all his know-how and creativity to create extraordinary perfumes. 

The perfume that we wear or that we give as a gift is a revelation of personality.

It is a way of expressing one's difference and elegance and of perfuming oneself differently.

You will be delighted by this exclusivity and originality that we offer you. 

But a Rose et Marius perfume is also the pleasure of a contemporary bottle made in France.

An elegant zamac stopper that takes up the iconic patterns of our cement tiles, on which the designer played as a child in her grandmother's country house and which inspired her in the perfumed creations of our eaux de parfum.

All these luxury attributes will make this moment of perfuming a moment of pleasure.

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