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Woody fragrances are base notes composed of aromas and essences extracted from wood and tree mosses. These varied essences add a touch of elegance and luxury to unisex fragrances.

These wood essences grow in India, Nepal, Australia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Hawaii. Its wood is steam distilled to extract the essential oil. The distillation process can take up to 8 days. The highest concentration of essential oil is found in the heartwood, the centre of the tree.

We particularly like to work with Sandalwood, which brings sophistication, smoothness, sensuality and an incomparable warmth to our fragrances.


Combine the woody fragrance with a 'SUNBATH WITH MARIUS' to create your own blend.

Want to make your woody fragrance greener? Combine it with the crinkled green leaves of 'A SUMMER NIGHT UNDER THE FIG TREES'!

Would you like to make your woody fragrance more spiritual? Combine it with the incense in 'A SUMMER NIGHT UNDER THE ORATORY'!